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CVSSC Goes To The Rialto



So many connections….so much great music!

Jimmy Ballard, local musician, plays at the Rialto Theater in Kenmore on the 1st Thursday of each month.  So who is Jimmy Ballard and what is the Rialto theater and where is Kenmore, you ask?

Well, Jimmy Ballard was the best man in Kathy and Mike Neag’s wedding.  He also married one of Kathy’s best friends.  In fact, Jimmy and Georgeann met at Kathy’s birthday party!

The Rialto Theater is one of those great old theaters located on Kenmore Boulevard in beautiful Downtown Kenmore.  There is a huge effort to revitalize Kenmore, lead by a local young man named Josh Gippin.  Josh is married to….wait for it…..Diana Kunze’s daughter!

Jimmy has as his guest on November 2nd, Alex Bevan, THE Skinny Little Boy from Cleveland, OH!  I’m from Virginia, and I even knew who Alex Bevan was!

Where’s Kenmore?  I’m sure you’ve heard of the Kenmore Leg of the Expressway……

Sandwiches, desserts and drinks are available for purchase.

The cost to enter is $0, but contributions to the revitalization cause will be greatly appreciated!