Custom Embroidered Clothing

Medium Bags

Grocery Bags, Medium Carry Bags


Canvas Backpack



Embroidered Zippered Hoodie                   $40

Embroidered Black Tees (soft)                    $25

Embroider Your Own Item                            $17

Canvas Bags (Large)                                   $10 – 20

Canvas Bag (Small)                                       $4 – 10

Iron-on logos (Small)                                         $4     

Iron-on logos (Large)                                         $8

Iron-on logos (Small + Large)                         $10

Engraved Wine Glasses                                      $5

Engraved Beer Glasses                                       $5

Engraved Water Bottles                                    $10 to 20

Wood Engraved Coasters                                  TBD

Contact the Marketing Officer to arrange purchase and pickup of

Non-SportsWorld merchandise!

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engraved logo glasses

12 and 16 oz logo

Water bottles

Water bottles. Contact marketing for exact available styles.

Wood Coaster

Wood Logo Coasters