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      SportsWorld Logo Shirts

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Note:  Orders will be taken until October 21, 2023.  All shirts will be printed and delivered  by November 4, 2023.





Custom Embroidered Clothing

Medium Bags

Grocery Bags, Medium Carry Bags


Canvas Backpack



Embroidered Zippered Hoodie                   $40

Embroidered Black Tees (soft)                    $25

Embroider Your Own Item                            $17

Canvas Bags (Large)                                   $10 – 20

Canvas Bag (Small)                                       $4 – 10

Iron-on logos (Small)                                         $4     

Iron-on logos (Large)                                         $8

Iron-on logos (Small + Large)                         $10

Engraved Wine Glasses                                      $5

Engraved Beer Glasses                                       $5

Engraved Water Bottles                                    $10 to 20

Wood Engraved Coasters                                  TBD

Contact the Marketing Officer to arrange purchase and pickup of

Non-SportsWorld merchandise!

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engraved logo glasses

12 and 16 oz logo

Water bottles

Water bottles. Contact marketing for exact available styles.

Wood Coaster

Wood Logo Coasters