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Winter Walk #11 – Peninsula Trailhead to Deep Lock Quarry (Last Chance to Join Us!)


Our last Winter Walk, #11, will be out of Lock 29 Trailhead in Peninsula toward Deep Lock Quarry (distance to be determined, Easy, packed cinders). Food and drink will follow at the Winking Lizard in Peninsula.

Winter Walk #10 – Beaver Marsh/Indigo Lake (Note Change for Food)


Winter Walk #10 will be the Beaver Marsh and Indigo Lake Trail on Riverview.  Food and drinks will follow at Bricco in The Valley!



Winter Walk #7 – Furnace Run MetroPark


Winter Walk #7 is at Furnace Run Metro Park in Richfield (Rock Creek Trail, Easy, well-maintained dirt).  Food and drinks to follow at Musketeers!

Winter Walk #4 – Kendall Lake (DATE CHANGE)


Winter Walk #3 will be at Kendall Lake (1 mile, easy, dirt)   There are stairs on this trail, so wear sturdy hiking shoes!  Dress appropriately!  We will eat/drink following the walk at Winking Lizard in Peninsula.

For those who want to hike more, we can do this twice or we could go over to Deep Lock Quarry afterward.

Winter Walk #2 , Lake Medina (Route 18 Entrance)


Winter Walk #2 will be at the Route 18 Entrance entrance to Lake Medina (1.4 miles, Easy, paved).  Food/Drink will follow at Yours Truly, Medina.

Saturday, January 20,  3:00 pm.

Winter Walk #1 – Goodyear Park / Alder Trail


Winter Hike #1 will be the Alder Trail in Goodyear Park (1.4 miles, Easy, cinders).  Drinks/Food will follow at Missing Mountain Brewery.  Dress Appropriately!!

Saturday, January 13,  3:00 pm

Fall Hikes

Fall Hiking Spree – Hike 1

 – Hike 1Join us for Hikes and Eats!

Hike 1: Goodyear Heights Alder Trail, 1.4 Easy miles 550 Frazier Avenue, Akron

Hike 2: Monroe Fall Meadow Trail,  2.0 Easy miles. 1088 North Avenue, Tallmadge

Eat: Lock 15, 21 W North St, Ste L1, Akron OH 

 Hiking is free, but if you want the really nice walking stick or the annual shields that attach, they are free to Summit County residents. Nonresidents pay $10 for the walking stick and $5 for each shield. You should download the participation form so you can keep track of your own hiking. If you miss any of these, you can also do a “hiker’s choice”. Just hike any trail in the Summit County MetroParks to meet your hiking requirements. You only have to hike 8 trails to qualify for the rewards! Go to https://www.summitmetroparks.org/hiking-spree.aspx to sign up.

Join us for as many trails as you want, or just join us for food! Trails are organized to minimize drive time between hikes. Feel free to choose the trails you want to hike. Join us at the designated nearby eatery so that we can “cool down” after our workout! 

Download the schedule for all the hikes. 2023 Planned Hikes